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In case of any complaints regarding any services provided by RAASIS TECHNOLOGY will be handled by our customer care team. Kindly give 5-6 business days in case of complaint or dispute and the decision taken by RAASIS TECHNOLOGY will be final.

In case the customer wants the refund of amount due to non-satisfactory work or services has to be made in writing to RAASIS TECHNOLOGY stating the reasons for a refund. Our team will take up the case in if the reasons are genuine, the refund will be provided as per our refund policy and terms & conditions. In case we already have started the services to the customer and resources have been deployed by us then the customer will have to pay for the charges of the resources that have been deployed.

Any website found copying the web content of our website will be tackled under the copyright act.

The Customer and the RAASIS TECHNOLOGY shall evaluate progress under this agreement at the beginning of every three months and take corrective action as needed.