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Online Marketing plays a critical role in overall marketing mix of an organization, as the percentage of internet consumer spending grows, more and more businesses are allocating portions of their budgets to online advertising.

DreamEdge assists you in building and running targeted advertising campaigns on various social media networks -- such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn – as well as other upcoming networks.

We design a plan using landing pages and banner ads for our clients driving the best returns on investment (ROI) through PPC.

We offer guidance in marketing of B2B and B2C services that include:
Our search engine marketing solutions efficiently blend the latest marketing options to reach out to your potential customers and support your efforts to drive more traffic to your website.

Google Adwords - Boost Website traffic, get leads with Google AdWords ads (Sponsored Links section above/next to search results page)
Banner ads - Image based ads or Rectangular Banner ads placed on Website’s main content
Landing Pages - Creative web pages designed especially for capturing leads
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads - Exploring various advertising options (text ads, image ads, video ads, sponsored posts/tweets etc.) on social networks
Retargeting and Remarketing - Re-target or Re-market the users who have visited your website/blog earlier but have not taken any action. Don’t miss these potential leads!
Media buying - Ensure where and when your advertisements need to be displayed with optimum reach and returns
Google Products Listing - Highlight and list your company’s products on Google Product Listing Ads.

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Top of page positioning matters

Faster sales with SEO

Significant return on spend

Mobile customer are domination

Get leads in hours

Laser focussed cutomer targetting

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